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We are a forward-thinking supply company focused on turnkey solutions for the Oil 2.0 & Flower industry.

We offer a wide selection of curated products and services for all scales of businesses.

Our Top Brands

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Jewellery Ceramic Cartridges & Disposables

A truly great oil deserves a truly great tank. There's no question in our minds that ASCERA is the highest quality available on the market. If you're searching for a tank to build your brand around, then look no further. ASCERA's OEM options provide near limitless configurations, allowing you to express your brand in as many ways as needed. Our team is always available to take a call for consultation on how ASCERA can meet your needs. 

All ASCERA tanks can be shipped rack-ready for the Thompson & Duke ACF1 Automatic Filling Machine. Open the box, place the pre-configured 77pc tray on the ACF1, and press go! In under 2 minutes, you have 77 loaded carts ready for capping.

Thompson & Duke

Automatic Filling Machinery

FTLD is a proud Value-added partner of Thompson & Duke - the most cost effective way to fill your carts on the market. Fully automated for scaling production. FTLD's ASCERA series, and AVD carts both come pre-packed ready to be racked on to this machine for fast filling.

  • 1200+ units/hour

Please Note: All machine sales are preceded with a call from a Thompson and Duke agent, to make sure these machines will offer the right solution for your needs.

Follow The Leader Distribution is a value added partner and distributor of Thompson & Duke.

Thompson And Duke ACF1 Vape Filling Machine

Stand out from the competition. 

Speak with a FTLD Agent to talk about how our solutions will integrate with your business.

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Pre-roll cones & machinery

Futurola specializes in pre-roll packing machines and trimming machines. They are quickly becoming a household name in the pre-roll world.

 Futurola Knockbox 3/300 includes the knockbox 3/300 base, controller, spill tray, and (3) standard/100 filling kits. 

 Fill up to 300 pre-rolled cones in 90 seconds!


Save The Terps

BOVEDA is sworn to protect, preserve, and optimize the moisture of your flower. Their moisture packs are a godsend to the production and sales cycle. Lossage due to dehydration either creates a deficit in predicted revenue, or a poor experience for the end consumer. These two outcomes are nearly the same. Stop either from happening, and hydrate your flowers. The predicted savings from the lossage problem far outweigh the cost per pack. Speak with one of our knowledgable sales staff today!

Boveda & Futurolla are a great pairing! Throw a 1g boveda slim in every dube tube you sell, and set your brand apart!

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Mylar & Carton Packaging    

Build Your Brand

We aren't your average distribution company. We have talented in-house design staff who have have established, trusted suppliers, reliable printers, and have helped see businesses grow from fledgling companies into powerful industry juggernauts. 

We'll help take the guesswork out of your journey and help provide packaging solutions that fit your needs. 

Growing Your Business?

Let's chat about how we can help you grow! We carry great, reliable brands that have proven themselves in the market.


Do you want to seal your own blister packs?  We can provide custom-to-order trays to fit different blister specs.

Our experienced staff can help you design, source, print, and seal your blisters! If you want to seal them yourself, we can sell you the machinery! Talk to us to learn about all the different packaging opportunities we can offer.

Thompson And Duke ACF1 Vape Filling Machine