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Vape Cartridges

ASCERA Ceramic Vape Cartridge


These are the premier ceramic vape cartridges that exceed the current standards of excellence.  With four porosity choices for various viscosity oils, these are the current market leaders for quality Cannabis Vaping.  The ASCERA series are the ideal vape tanks to deliver your product to the market.

Ceramic delivers the purest flavour experience, the terpenes are held in an inert chamber, between ceramic and borosilcate lab-glass.  The highest quality oils deserve high performance tanks that will enhance the terp-sensations! 

We offer white labeling, etching options on the units, with colour options on the silicone gaskets and mouthpieces.

Speak to a sales representative directly to review the options.  Our staff can also help guide you to some vape battery solutions! We believe dental ceramics make this the best vape tank on the market!

*Note: The ASCERA-X Series ships pre-racked for the ACF1 Filling Machine. 

Learn More About ASCERA 

Five FERA Series Ceramic Vape Cartridges

Stand out from the competition. 

Speak with a FTLD Agent to talk about why we believe ceramics make the best vape tank! 

AVD Eazy-Press

From supply chain to delivery

AVD is quickly becoming the industries most reliable vape tank supplier.  With their 'Eazy-Press' tamper proof mouthpiece, AVD has positioned itself to be a reliable and safe choice for Licensed Producers.

FTLD is a authorized AVD distributor and we are proud to offer AVD at the US-dollar base cost value. 

AVD ships pre-racked for the ACF1 Filling Machine. 

AVD Cartridge


We rigorously vet the products we import and the manufacturers we work with to assure we exceed the expectations of our customers.

Vape Cartridge Filling Technology

Automatic Vape Filling Machine (ACF1)

FTLD is a proud Value-added partner of Thompson Duke - the most cost effective way to fill your carts on the market. Fully automated for scaling production. FTLD's ASCERA series, and AVD carts both come pre-packed ready to be racked on to this machine for fast filling.

  • 1200+ units/hour

*Please Note: All machine sales are preceded by a call with a qualified sales representative to ascertain the specific intended use cases, to be sure these machines will offer the right solution for your needs.
Follow The Leader Distribution is a value added partner and distributor of Thompson Duke.

Thompson And Duke ACF1 Vape Filling Machine

Do You Represent A Licensed Producer?

We are always happy to chat with you directly and discuss specific solutions! Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help!

Pre Rolled Cone Filling Machines

Futurola [3/300]

Futurola specializes in pre-roll packing machines and trimming machines. They are quickly becoming a household name in the pre-roll world

Futurola Knockbox 3/300 includes the knockbox 3/300 base, controller, spill tray, and (3) standard/100 filling kits.

Fill up to 300 pre-rolled cones in 90 seconds!


Not an LP?

We still want to chat with you! Every business starts somewhere! Let's chat about how we can help you grow!

Blister Pack Sealing Machine
Vape Packaging Technology


Do you want to seal your own blister packs?  We can provide custom-to-order trays to fit different blister specs.

Our experienced staff can help you design, source, print, and seal your own blisters! If you want to seal them yourself, we can sell you the machinery! Talk to us to learn all about packaging opportunities!

Thompson And Duke ACF1 Vape Filling Machine