AVD & FERA X-75 Vape Sample Package:

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1) Introduction Letter from FTLD

2) Thompson Duke ACF1 Filling Machine Flyer 

3) AVD + FERA Postcard 

4) FERA X-75 + Blister Packs (4pcs) 

5) AVD Easy-Press Glass Tanks (4pcs)


At FTLD, we stand behind the products we sell.  We have vetted our offerings to ensure the products surpass the highest standards.

We have done the due diligence, audited our manufacturers and curated our product lines so that we can sell into the Canadian LP market with confidence.

                AVD Easy-Press Glass

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AVD's manufacturing prowess rivals the biggest names in the business!  AVD requires heavy metal testing, in advance, on ALL of their supply inputs to ensure the quality of the final product, at scale.  

The AVD ceramic coil is among the most advanced that you can find!

The Easy-Press tank features a 'finger-press' locking mouthpiece that adheres to child resistant legislation and is currently being sold in the Canadian market. 

AVD ships pre-racked for the ACF1 Filling Machine. (see video below)

  1. Easy-Press mouthpiece

  2. Borosilicate durable glass oil tank

  3. Lead-free center post

  4. Organic cotton wick

  5. Ceramic Coil 

  6. 510 Universal Thread

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Stand out from the competition. 

Talk to a FTLD sales representative about the FERA series, and discover if this solution is right for you!

The most durable ceramic tank available.
Certified Dental Grade Ceramic post with borosilicate glass.
Polished ceramic delivers the purest flavour experience as the terpenes are held in an inert state. The highest quality oils deserve quality tanks that  enhance the terp-sensations! 

The FERA X-75 ships pre-racked for the ACF1 Filling Machine. (see video below)

At this time we are taking orders in advancement of the shipment of regulation compliant child-resistant lids, available for purchase in April 2020.


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Odoo • Image and Text
  1. Ceramic mouthpiece

  2. Borosilicate durable glass oil tank 

  3. Dental-grade polished Ceramic Post 

  4. Organic Japanese Cotton wick

  5. Ceramic encased ceramic/nickel Coil 

  6. 510 Universal Thread


2.0 Filling solutions to scale your operation.

Thompson Duke Industrial 

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Automatic Filling Machine (ACF1)

FTLD is a proud Value-added partner of Thompson Duke - the most cost effective way to fill your carts on the market. Fully automated for scaling production. FTLD's FERA series, and AVD carts both come pre-packed ready to be racked on to this machine for fast filling.

  • 1200+ units/hour

*Please Note: All machine sales are preceded by a call with a qualified sales representative to ascertain the specific intended use cases, to be sure these machines will offer the right solution for your needs.  
Follow The Leader Distribution is a value added partner and distributor of Thompson Duke.

Download the ACF1 Spec sheet Here:

FTLD is a value-added partner of Thompson & Duke, and operate as distributors in the Canadian market. We offer the same prices and a direct-to-client relationship that allows us to be your local agent for both support and business needs.