Krush Kube Madera Walnut Set

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    The KUBE MADERA WALNUT SET is a grinder + tray box set -

    The box set includes a high-quality Krush rolling tray that is made from black walnut and features a raised platform enabling an ergonomically correct rolling platform. The design of the tray was thoroughly designed with the entire rolling process in mind - recovery canals to ensure no product is wasted. The canals encase the raised platform and offers 3 exits; material recollection exit at the bottom right side along with two additional exits for filling prerolled cones. The Krush tray also features a Kube docking station that fits numerous sizes and models of the Kube; MADERA, KUBE 2.0, ECO KUBE and the unreleased KUBE MINI ( coming soon).

    The set also includes a Kube grinder made from a black walnut shell with an anodized aluminium core. The Madera Kube features a sloped dish on the back side that is great for your freshly shredded cannabis and can also be used to recover the ashes of your session.