FTLD Patron Filling Machine

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    NEW! Version 8.0 features from version 7.5: 

    1. Full Acrylic Enclosure: 

    a. This enclosure protects the integrity of the oil, adds a required safety measure and helps to maintain heat inside the system. In addition, it acts as a natural warmer for cartridges that may have thick posts for easier fills. The labor and materials cost of this enclosure is significant, but a requirement for lab quality systems. 

    2. New Style Injector Head: 

    a. Our costs on this part have increased 40% due to new materials being used, a new coating process and the labor to assemble it. It dramatically improves several of the processes/parts needed for filling. 

    i. New Needle Plate: 

    1. This new plate now allows a client to switch out needles in half the time and it causes a better seal to stop any possible leaking from the top of the needle enclosure. Improves heat transfer to needles as well. 

    ii. Better Quality Needles: 

    1. We now have a manual process that increases our labor cost, but ensures that each needle is the exact same length to ensure that unnecessary oil does not reside after filling. 

    3. Improved Air Cylinder: 

    a. We are utilizing a better air cylinder for better/smoother performance in the movements of the machine. This allows for better transitions, saving time and potential loss from any inconsistent or ‘jerky’ movements. 

    4. New Oil Covered Oil Basin and Channel Tray: 

    a. This protects the integrity of the oil as a secondary measure. It also helps remove any drip from the needles when transitioning to the cartridges. This creates a cleaner fill every-time. 

    Version 7.5 Features: 

    Now with Touchscreen 

    Channelized Oil Basins 

    Structural Improvements 

    Increased Automation 

    Consecutive Auto Fills - Presets 

    Heating control can be turned on/off using the HMI 

    Auto Clean function. The user can set purge # on HMI 

    Additional Parameter settings for additional delay control are included for the automatic cycle 

    Pressing "Back" button - stations reset step by step in reverse order. Pressing the emergency stop button - stations reset step by step in reverse order and machine needs to be "reset" to continue use. 

    Machine arrives “Ready-to-Run”, pre-assembled and pre-tested from our factory. 

    The 710 Shark fills a wide range of different cartridges including stainless steel/glass and ceramic/plastic, as well as disposables (all of which we provide at an additional cost). 

    The dual heat injection system makes it easy to fill even the thickest of oils into your cartridges/disposables. 

    Do not be fooled by Chinese knockoffs - we own the Patent for this machine! 


    Up to 100 Cartridge or Disposable Fills in less than 60 seconds. 

    An average is 30 Seconds for 100 Cartridges of thick oil 

    4-in-1 Filling: Plastic, Ceramic, and Stainless Cartridges OR Disposables 

    Dual Heated Injection System for the thickest of oils - temps up to 125C 

    Size: 52”H x 24”W x 14.5”D (1300 mm x 600 mm x 370 mm) 

    Fill Range: 0.1ml (100 mg) - 3ml (3 g) per cartridge (x100) 

    Filling Machine Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg) 

    Shipping Weight: 265 lbs in Wooden Crate 

    Download 710Shark FAQ 


    California Air Tools 5.5 Gal Ultra Quiet/Oil‑Free Air Compressor (1 Hp) 

    Oil-Free Pump / 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI & 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI 

    120 PSI Maximum Pressure / Ultra-Quiet - Only 60 decibels 

    (2) x Oil Basin Trays (1 Large/1 Small) 

    (4) x Cartridge Trays 

    (2) x Ceramic Glass No-Wick 

    (1) x Plastic Cartridges 

    (1) x Wick Glass Stainless 

    (2) x Power Cords - Standard 115V (1 extra) 

    25' Air Compressor Hose & Universal Attachment 

    Extra Fuses 

    Extra Needles 

    Video Manual 


    30-Day Testing and HD Live Video Training 

    1 Year Full Warranty (Parts and On-Site Labor Included) 

    3 Year Parts Warranty (Labor additional after year 1)