CJ 98mm Child Resistant Tapered Pre-Roll Tubes (Wide) 600/case

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The 98mm tapered pre-roll tube, also known as a doob tube, is a plastic joint tube made wider for holding a variety of products such as joints, blunts, cones, and even vape oil carts. The 98mm pre-roll tube is able to hold wider or multiple joints and blunts depending on size due to its wide mouth build. This tube comes in an opaque black or white so the contents are hidden. If you would like a different color or have the tube be translucent to see the contents within, we can do custom colors with a minimum purchase. This tube is also ASTM certified, compliant with many State Laws and all FDA standards. The 98mm tapered pre roll tube is part of the Eco-Lite Line of containers, which use about 50% less plastic than other pre-roll tubes on the market. The 98mm tapered pre-roll tube is also compatible with the SST Shrink Sleeve Machine.


  • Outside Diameter Top: 1.250 inches
  • Inside Diameter Top: 1.100 inches
  • Outside Diameter Bottom: 1.000 inches
  • Inside Diameter Bottom: 0.920 inches
  • Outside Height: 4.000 inches
  • Inside Height: 3.900 inches
  • Fluid Ounces: 1.50 ounces
  • Fluid Milliliters: 44 milliliters
  • Cubic Inches: 2.690 cubic inches
  • Cubic Centimeters: 44.0 cubic centimeters
  • Box Quantity: 600 pieces per box
  • Box Size: 16.25" x 16.25" x 20.50"
  • Box Weight: 14 pounds
  • Full Pallet Quantity: 36 boxes / 21,600 pieces per pallet
  • Full Pallet Weight: 544 pounds