Ascera X-75 Ceramic Vape-Tank 0.5mL

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510 Jewellery Ceramic Cartridge

Our flagship X-75 tank is manufactured with glass ceramics. These exhibit up to 10x the hardness and strength of conventional ceramics, making them well suited for use in extreme thermal and pressure conditions. Its high chemical stability means it can be used in conjunction with high % THC and terpene rich oils without any discernible change in taste or colour.

Jewellery glass ceramic is the perfect balance of durability, flavour, compliance, and cost. There is no tinny aftertaste. Our X-75 tanks pass the heavy metal testing standards of California, which is currently the most stringent regulation in the world. The machined borosilicate glass accents the pearlesque luster of the ceramic tank, which is the perfect backdrop for your high quality oil.

We strongly recommend pairing the X-75 cartridges with our Voltair battery. We have perfectly matched the voltage ranges with our tanks performance to ensure we encompass the ideal range of temperature and atomization.

The X-75 can be shipped pre-racked for the Thompson Duke ACF1 FIlling Machine. Feel free to download our technical product sheet or send us a message below.

Do you work for a registered business, or represent an LP? You may want to check out our XT-75 Model!

ASCERA X-75 Pricing

Silicone Gaskets & Screw-top Lid

Prices are in CAD, before taxes or shipping. Pricing does not include any unspecified upgrades, or OEM options. 

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QuantityPrice (CAD)
100 - 999$3.05 /ea
1,000 - 4,999$2.98 /ea
5,000 - 9,999$2.90 /ea
10,000 - 29,999$2.75 /ea
30,000 +

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