Ascera-V Ceramic Vape-Tank 0.5mL

  • Colour options
  • Porosity/Viscosity

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Fera-V Series Ceramic Cartridge 

Three Porosities - The porosities of our coils are designed to match the viscosity of your oils! 

Fera-V45 : (VG/PG, MCT Composite Oils) Lower Porosity for Thinner Viscosities
Fera-V65 : (CO2 or BHO) Medium Porosity for Regular Viscosities 
Fera-V85 : (Distillate/Clear) Higher Porosity for Thick Viscosities

Ceramic Center Post - No cotton, no burning. Oil surrounds and permeates directly into the ceramic heating coil. Every drop can fully atomize into a smooth and tasty vapour. 

Oblong Oval Hole - This hole located at the bottom of the tank allows all of the oil to be fully enjoyed. Also, these tanks do not leak! (<1%) 

No Metal Exposure - The only surfaces your oil makes contact with are inert ceramic and glass. By choosing this cartridge, the flavour of your terps can be truly enjoyed! (No 'tinny' taste, and no leeching!) 

White Label Options Customized For Your Brand 

1, 2, and 4 colours logos available.

Both caps and glass tanks are customizable

Also inquire about our custom CR child proof packaging and branding options


  • Oil Storage Capacity: 0.5mL
  • Length: 53.1mm
  • Diameter: 11.5mm
  • Resistance(Ω): 1.5
  • Colour options for Gasket / O Ring: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue
  • Threaded: Standard 510
  • Customized: OEM/ODM Available
  • MOQ: 100 units
  • Aperture Size: Two Ovals:  0.5 wide X 2.5 long
  • Heavy metal tests passed in California