AmeriVacS CAVN Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer (Built-in-compressor)

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Expanding the abilities of the AVN model, the CAVN cuts the need for additional equipment. Completely self-contained, the CAVN is ready to perform out of the box, giving greater flexibility for placement locations within your facility. The simplified design and same high-quality components make it among the best sealers in the industry.

The CAVN flushes out oxygen and moisture with any inert gas of your choice: The automated stainless-steel nozzle retracts and your components are sealed in seconds, protected from the threats of oxygen and moisture. From the innovatively simple nozzle system to the ultramodern safety features, the CAVN continues the AmeriVacS tradition of efficient, dependable, easy to use vacuum sealers.

Optional Upgrades:

Bi-Active Sealing: two heating elements are included both above and below to seal bags over 6 Mil thickness (or other tough-to-seal materials).

Stainless Steel Chassis: Allows for complete cleaning and sterilization required for harsh environments in all industries.

European Union Certification (CE ): Required in the European Union. 220 Volt A.C. 50-60 Hz conversion included.

Voltage Conversion (220 Volt A.C. 50-60 Hz): For all countries where the voltage differs from the voltage used in North America and a small number of other countries around the world.

Safe Sealing Bar (Low-pressure bar close): An additional safety feature that slows the closing of the pressure bar, senses with light pressure and aborts if there are any obstacles.

Digital Temperature Control: A temperature control interface that allows for precise temperature settings. The upgrade guarantees 100% repeatable seals on all heat-sealable materials: Tyvek, Nylon, Teflon, Kapton, and even Vinyl or other materials that require higher sustained seal temperatures. Through increased precision and time control on the seal process, the digital temperature control also extends element and Teflon insulator life, thus reducing downtime service.

Ported Exhaust: Directs air from inside the machine to a port on the back for customer plumbing outside of the area. Recommended for clean rooms.


  • Seal lengths: 20," 30"
  • Seal Width: 1/4"
  • Vacuum Flow: 2 CFM
  • Max vacuum pressure: 27 inHg
  • Air Requirements: n/a
  • Amps @ 120 Volts A.C.: 11, 15 
  • Unit Size: 28, 38L x 10W x 7H 
  • Unit weight: 58, 72lbs 
  • Temperature: up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • 2-year Limited 
  • 1-week trial period
  • Clean room compatible
  • 100% maintenance-free vacuum pumps
  • Intuitive design
  • Extensive safety features 
  • Engineer-direct technical support
  • Rust-treated, and powder-coated steel chassis
  • Stainless steel components on all air valves
  • Stainless steel pneumatic cylinders
  • Industry leading price and performance
  • Extensive safety features