Patron Dispenser

An advanced, precision medicinal dispensing device. 

FTLD is the Patron Dispenser Canada master distribution agency.

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Innovative and precise solution for extracts dispensing

Patron® Dispenser System

Forget about ordinary plastic syringes for dispensing natural extracts, oil, wax, paste or resin. The Patron Dispensers are the newest and most advanced concentrate dispensers on the market today. Patron Dispenser System was specially designed for dispensing concentrates with various viscosity levels.

Our mission is to create safe, easy-to-use, medically standardized solutions for accurate and clean dispensing of natural extracts. Our products are made of quality food-grade plastic or stainless steel; highly durable and suitable for dispensing all sorts of nutritional and pharmaceutical products.

Patented Dispensing Technology

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Stainless Steel

APOLLO Dispenser

With a durable stainless steel body, display slots to view your remaining product, a threaded piston for controlled flow, and compatibility with the NYX Nozzle for dabbing - the Stainless Steel APOLLO Dispenser is the ideal product for precision dispensing and dabbing as accurate as 0.01mL dosing

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Food-Grade Plastic

EOS Dispenser

Food-grade plastics give an affordable dispensing option for the economic consumer. Precision threading allows for 0.01mL dosing, and the scale is embedded in the plastic chamber, meaning no solvents will remove it - perfect for reuse. 

Also compatible with the NYX Nozzle for dabbing.

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Patron EROS USB Heater

Warm your concentrates from any USB dock using the EROS USB Heater. This device reduces viscosity for thicker oils by warming it up, allowing your precision dosing devices to operate smoothly.

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Patron ATHENA Filling Station

Fully stainless steel, this device has a 300mL (11 fl. Oz) reservoir capable of filling up to 60 5.0 mL EOS or APOLLO Dispensers in a single sitting. See the video below to learn more.

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