Pre-roll packing solutions

Automatic Pre Rolled Filling Machine

 Futurola Knockbox Standard [3/300]

Futurola [3/300]

Futurola specializes in pre-roll packing machines and trimming machines. They are quickly becoming a household name in the pre-roll world

Futurola Knockbox 3/300 includes the knockbox 3/300 base, controller, spill tray, and (3) standard/100 filling kits.

Fill up to 300 pre-rolled cones in 90 seconds!

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Pre-Roll Cones

All Shapes And Sizes

Futurola offers a wide array of cone types and sizes that all work with the Knockbox 3 [50/100/300] standard filling kits!

There is no replacing the time and efficiency of a quality product.  Large operations looking to minimize lost product and maximize efficiency will appreciate the level of detail and perfection of Futurola! 

Futurola is famous for having the roundest, smoothest cones. This makes the automation process the smoothest and reduces the amount of lost product!

 Futurola pre roll cones options chart