Patron Apollo Dispenser 5mL

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    APOLLO 5ml with NYX titanium tip

    No more sticky scoopers, no more displaced jars. Replace your Dabbing kit with all-in-one Dab applicator. 

    The APOLLO DABBER with NXY Titanium tip is designed for direct and precise application of your expensive concentrates directly to the heated nail. Dab with 0,01 ml accuracy, so you don’t waste what you don’t need, thanks to the dosing scale. It also serves as a perfect container for conserving sticky, hard to manage oils or resins. Ideal solution for using your concentrates on-the-go. Its stainless steel body makes it shock and heat resistant.

    Ideal for applying: oils, BHO, resin. Not appropriate for shatter.

    Works with replaceable 5 ml Patron cartridges.