Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control continually responds to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment and deliver the pre-determined RH (relative humidity) level printed on the pack.
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When Boveda is completely dry, it will turn into a solid wafer. It’s just short of this, when there are very few soft spots left, that you’ll want to replace them.

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Adding more than the minimum amount of humidity control packs recommended by Boveda is perfectly ok and in some cases required for dry climates, seasonality, or very leaky storage containers.

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If your Boveda is being depleted quickly (less than 2 months) then you know that Boveda is working extra hard to keep that environment stable. The solution is to verify your humidor doesn’t need to be re-seasoned, or to add more Boveda packs.


Specific usage instructions vary depend on what you're using Boveda to protect. Select a usage below.


Can Boveda directly touch my tobacco?
Absolutely. Boveda is 100% safe to lay on / in / amongst your tobacco.

What humidity level do I need?
Boveda is available in 62, 65, 69, 72, 75 and 84 (exclusively for seasoning). All Boveda are accurate to +/- 1% of the RH printed on the pack in an air-tight environment. Humidors are not air tight. Depending on humidor quality and ambient conditions, it’s not uncommon for the actual RH to be stable anywhere from 2-6 points below the Boveda RH you’ve chosen. This is why we recommend 72% for your first set after seasoning. If it’s 72 on the nose, you’re perfect. If it drops a few points, you’re still perfect. Based on how your humidor performs, you can decide whether to move to 62, 65, 69 or 75.

I’ve been using my humidor for a while, do I need to re-season?
A. If an accurate hygrometer (calibrate it with our calibration kit) tells you you’re 60% or less, re-season it with our 84% Boveda. While the humidor is re-seasoning, REMOVE all cigars, put them in Tupperware with 69 or 72% and they’ll be perfect while your humidor conditions. It MAY NOT take the usual 14 days to season, since you’re starting somewhere in the middle. Calibrate your hygro with our calibration kit and only leave the 84% in (1 per 25 cigars the humidor holds) until the RH inside reaches 68-72%.
B. If an accurate hygrometer (calibrate it with our calibration kit) tells you it’s 60% RH or more, just use the 1 Boveda per 25 cigars it holds in 72%. This way, the 72’s are doing the rest of the seasoning while caring for your cigars and keep you at a safe RH once it’s finished. NOTE: Because the Boveda are essentially seasoning while caring for the cigars, they’re working double hard. So the first set of Boveda will not last as long as subsequent sets will.
C. If you haven’t calibrated your hygrometer with our kit, you can never be certain what’s happening in your humidor or how to fix it. Hygrometers are imprecise and require calibration. With our one step kit, you’ll know the accuracy of your hygrometer in 24 hours.

Do I use Boveda along with sponge/crytals/gel/beads?
No, throw them out. They’re only reservoirs for holding water and only give off 100% humidity – despite their claims. Those items give off flavors and films that keep you from enjoying your cigars the way the master blender intended.

How do I choose the right number of Boveda?
We recommend using at least one 60 gram Boveda per 25 cigars your humidor holds, even if it isn’t full. It’s still air space and wood that needs proper humidification. And because Boveda will never over-humidify beyond the number on the pack, using more than is recommended will just work more efficiently and need to be replaced less often. So with Boveda, you can never buy more than you need.

When do I know when they need to be replaced?
All Boveda will turn into a solid wafer when they’re dead. So it’s short of that, when there aren’t many soft spots left, that you’ll want to replace them. Pronounced crystallization and hardening of the corners first is completely normal.

Do I need individual packs, a cube or a brick?
Individual packs are wrapped in clear plastic to give them a two year shelf life. A cube is just 12 individually wrapped Boveda. A brick is a little different, it’s 20 unwrapped Boveda. As long as you re-close the master bag after removing the next round of Boveda for your humidor, they’ll have a two year shelf life inside the bag. Buying by the brick gives you the best Boveda pricing available.

Why shouldn’t I use Boveda with other humidification devices?
Boveda was designed as a stand-alone 2-way moisture control.​ When you introduce a wet sponge, crystal, gel or beads, Boveda is absorbing the very high humidity given off by these 1-way humidification devices, giving you mixed results. Just use at least one Boveda per 25 cigar capacity for perfect and predictably precise results.


The same technology that revolutionized cigar storage is also available in the herbal-specific RH (relative humidity) of either 58% or 62%. Available in multiple sizes to fit your favorite container, Boveda monitors the ambient conditions and adds or removes moisture, as necessary, to maintain the perfect water content of the flower. You’ll immediately notice that color, texture, taste and strength are enhanced. As long as you have a working Boveda now makes it possible to store herbal medication indefinitely.

What role does Boveda play in the curing process?
The drying/curing process causes buds to smell better and become more potent. It also reduces harshness when consuming. After the drying process, the buds are jarred up into airtight containers and then “burped” by opening and closing the lid periodically over time let gas out, let fresh oxygen enter. This process takes place repeatedly anywhere from 14 days to 60 days. Another reason cultivators burp their buds is to fine tune the humidity level. This is done to prevent accidentally over drying the flower. If a 2-way humidity control product is used (like Boveda) then burping for humidity is no longer necessary as the Boveda packs will ensure that the moisture will be fine tuned to the percentage printed on the pack whether the flower has dried below the intended humidity level, or was not dried enough. After burping takes place, flowers continues to age in airtight containers for several more days or weeks in order to let internal chemical processes continue to mature the material from a fresh cut plant to a developed product that is preferred for consumption. During this process it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity level that the flower is being stored in.

Boveda precisely controls humidity for you while you cure your flowers. So there’s no guesswork, no mold growth, no over drying with Boveda. The drying/curing process helps buds develop their aroma and become more potent. It also reduces harshness while consuming the finished product.

After buds are dried, they are jarred in an airtight container to cure. Periodically cultivators “burp” the flower as it cures—they open the lid to let out gas and to let in fresh oxygen and then close the container. Cultivators also hope burping introduces moisture to buds, which can prevent flower from over drying. Burping is performed repeatedly throughout the cure, which can take anywhere from 14 to 60 days.

While you cure flowers, it’s important to monitor the temperature and humidity level of the inside your flower container.

When you cure with Boveda:

  • Burping flowers for humidity is unnecessary with Boveda. Its 2-way humidity control automatically adds or absorbs pure water vapor to achieve an ideal relative humidity (RH) level for flowers.
  • Moisture is slowly and precisely introduced as pure water vapor—not room air that may or may not provide enough moisture for your flower.
  • Boveda maintains an ideal RH for months in an airtight container while internal chemical processes continue to mature your buds into a fully developed product ready for consumption.

Are there different sized Boveda?
Boveda is available in 4gram (2×2″), 8gram, (2.5×2.75″), 60gram (3.5×5.5″) and 320gram sizes. The grams refers to the amount of liquid inside.

Will Boveda over-humidify my herbal medication?
Never. Boveda is the only product in the world that knows when to stop adding moisture and won’t humidify beyond the RH on the pack, so there is no such thing as “too much”. Using more than recommended will just work more efficiently and last longer.

Here’s a guide on minimum Boveda and size:

Boveda 4 gram: 7-14 grams of medicine.
Boveda 8 gram: 14-28 grams of medicine.
Boveda 60 gram: 112-450 grams of medicine.
Boveda 320 gram: up to 5 pounds of medicine.

How long will Boveda last?
Because sizes of containers and how often they’re opened vary widely, Boveda will last 2 months in a container opened often, all the way to a year or more if not often opened. That’s what makes Boveda so ideal for long-term storage. Just check the texture of the Boveda and replace it when there are very few soft spots left.

Can Boveda touch the medicine?
100%. Boveda won’t damage anything through direct contact.

How can I maximize the life of Boveda?
The tighter the seal on your container, the better. Minimize the time your container is open. Use the largest Boveda that will fit in your container or use more than one.

Intended Usage:
Boveda is ideal for storing and curing (aging) flowers that have already been dried. While Boveda is effective in moisture removal, the standard method of hanging in a dry environment is most effective. When you feel the plant is close to the intended moisture content for curing, Boveda will do the fine tuning for perfect long term storage. Grow it, dry it, package it with Boveda. You get perfect long term curing for the best possible flowers.

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Boveda takes all the hassle, mess and mystery out of maintaining your guitar. Boveda is smart enough to monitor ambient conditions and will add or remove moisture to maintain 40-55% RH (relative humidity) in your guitar case. And because it requires no activation or maintenance, you spend more time playing your perfectly-maintained guitar. See our FAQ’s on maximizing the life of Boveda.

Which Boveda do I buy?
Boveda for guitar applications is marketed by D’Addario under the name “D’Addario 2-Way Humidification System” and can be purchased online from their Amazon Store or from any of their retailers. You can also buy direct from Boveda. It’s very important that you do not buy a Boveda RH level that is not intended for use in a guitar case. Our higher RH levels (62% and higher) are for herbal medicine, food and tobacco applications.

When do I replace the Boveda?
The life of any Boveda depends on how much water vapor it needs to release. When Boveda is completely dry, it will turn into a solid wafer. It’s just short of this, when there are very few soft spots left, that they’ll need to be replaced.

If you live in a high humidity climate where the primary purpose of Boveda is to remove excess moisture, Boveda will still be soft when it’s absorbed all it can. We recommend using a calibrated hygrometer inside the case to monitor the humidity level. When it’s over 55% for an extended period, it’s time to replace the Boveda. Our High Absorption formula is manufactured with about half the water as our normal 49%, giving it more absorption capacity.

How long will Boveda last?
In a well maintained case, 3 months. If your guitar/case have been neglected, the first set of Boveda won’t last as long as subsequent sets because the case is 75% of the wood in the guitar + case equation. Once the case gets all the moisture it needs, too, Boveda will last 3+ months.

Will Boveda over-humidify my guitar?
Never. Boveda is the only product in the world that knows when to stop adding moisture and won’t humidify beyond the RH on the pack. Using more than recommended will just work more efficiently and last longer.

How can I maximize the life of Boveda?
Always keep the Boveda in the tightly sealed case, even when the guitar is out. The wood in the case can lose a lot of moisture in minutes/hours of being left open.


Food often spoils because it gains or loses moisture. Boveda prevents both. Our patented technology adds or removes humidity inside your package or container to maintain the right moisture content of your ingredients. Available in three sizes and a wide range of RH (relative humidity) levels, there’s a Boveda for virtually any food. Made of FDA-approved components, Boveda is completely food safe and won’t damage anything through direct contact.

Boveda doesn’t require any activation or maintenance, just replace it out when it loses softness


Static electricity prevention made easy

Boveda is the global leader in 2-way humidity control. Our patented products are engineered in a wide range of RH (relative humidity) levels to respond to ambient conditions by adding or moisture as necessary to regulate within 1% of the pre-determined RH to create a stable environment in a package or container.

And because of it’s low cost and completely maintenance free, it’s the only choice by some of the biggest brands in their respective industries.


Memories in the form of photos and special documents are sensitive to moisture. Too little and they’ll lose their color and become brittle, too much moisture and they can stick together and sometimes develop mold. With Boveda in your storage container, we can prevent both

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Boveda works on the scientific principle that certain salts combined with water will naturally regulate humidity. Our patents are on what makes this portable and usable in packaging and containers. The film that encases Boveda will only allow the transfer of water vapor and won’t cause any damage to product or packaging through direct contact.

All Boveda products are maintenance free and require no activation. For medical instruments, we also know that a number of Boveda formulas are stable under gamma radiation sterilization.

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