Jars, Drams and Bottles

Bring your brand to life with custom branded and labeled Tincture Bottles & Concentrate Jars. From bottle to box, we have you covered.

 Glass Concentrate Jars

Square Wide-dish Concentrate Jars

Beautiful, CR Square Wide-Dish Concentrate Jars

CR or regular lid, white or black, and ALWAYS with PTFE liners!! We offer them in 5ml and 9ml. These beautiful jars are a new product, and are ideal for back dropping your high end concentrates with!

Call our sales agents or shop now to learn more about labeling options!

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3mL & 5mL Shoulderless Glass Concentrate Jars

PTFE, CR Shoulderless Concentrate Jars

PTFE Lined 3 & 5ml Concentrate Jars. Concentrates contain terpenes which are plants natural solvents. Regardless of the nature of your concentrates, do yourself and your customers a favor and stick to PTFE lined lids.

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Airtight BLK 40 Drams with Reversible Lid

Keep your herbs fresh! 

This quality 40 Dram seals airtight which helps preserve the freshness of the goods stored inside. The lid is Child Resistant, and is reversible and functions as a regular screw-top lid. Priced affordably and available in bulk. Contact your FTLD agent for more info.

Droppers That Meet Your Needs

Shape and Volume

Your brand is unique, and you want your products to reflect that. Speak with us about the style, labeling, or OEM printing options that will make your business stand out in the way you want to. 

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Lotion & Cosmetic Bottles

We Do Boxes, Too!

We work with co-packers and label companies to find solutions to your unique product needs. Let us know what type of material, viscosity, and chemical specifications and we'll help you find the perfect container, label, or ODM solution to match your brands specific needs!

OEM, Options And Styles

CR, Tamper Evident, OEM and More

Don't limit yourself by what you see. Get creative and brainstorm with us. We can work with you to design a product package that fits your style.

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