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The Entourage Effect, Vaping Full Spectrum Cannabis

Vape cartridges and pens have become an ubiquitous sight in the recreational cannabis market of 2020 in North America. Light, discreet, portable, and long lasting - they have quickly transformed the rookie flower consumer, who earlier rolled a joint or used a dry herb vaporizer, into a discerning connoisseur of finely extracted oil, with terpenes and whole plant cannabinoids. 

One no longer needs to grapple with learning to roll a joint, handling sticky buds, hiding odorous stashes, or have a go at an entire gram of flower at once. The benefits of vaping over traditional flower smoking - free of stigma, relatively non invasive to the public around, free from fire hazards, and no litter footprint of filters/paper - have made it a popular choice for tokers, both amateurs and professionals. Now with quartz coils finally entering the marketplace, cannaseurs can finally experience the flavor of a dab in the convenience of a portable pen.

Burning cannabis flower has also been proven to release carcinogenic tar residue. Vaping allows the ability to combust cannabis at different temperatures, activating each cannabinoid or terpene for the desired intent - such as help with sleep (CBN), anxiety (CBG), pinene (asthma), caryophyllene (gastric reflux), et al. Apart from the 2 most well known compounds CBD and THC, these other cannabinoids and terpenes, have been shown to contribute to the “entourage effect”.

When selecting hardware, it is imperative you target these low temperatures. The enjoyment and flavorful experience is directly correlated with effects and so choosing the right devices that will not burn the oil is just as essential as choosing a dry herb vaporizer that would not burn your flower.

Full ceramic cartridges with a quartz coil have proven to deliver the smoothest, most flavorful toke. This is because quartz has a higher thermal resistance than the other coil materials, making it head up more gradually. This allows the various terpenes to vaporize at their respective temperatures, instead of combusting.

Odoo • Text and Image