We have come a long way since Canada became the first country in the developed world and G7 nation to TRULY legalize recreational cannabis. Although Uruguay (stringent government monopoly modelled on medical pharmacies, sale allowed only to citizens) and 11 states in the USA have done so earlier (still a Schedule I substance federally, no inter-state commerce), consumers in Canada arguably have the widest access of selection in the safest and judicially protected regulation in the world. Cannabis 1.0 (flower, pre-rolls, CBD tinctures) and now Cannabis 2.0 (edibles and drinks, topicals, vapes, and extracts) offer a spectrum of choice to smokers and non-smokers, novices and connoisseurs, millennials to seniors, be it recreationally or medically.
But along with this, on the flip side, the market has been inundated with tons of companies looking to strike it big in the ‘Green Rush’. Canadian growers and companies face unique challenges such as strict regulations on branding and advertising, competition from the legacy alternative market, and the challenge of distributing top shelf flower from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean interspersed by the land called as ‘Turtle Island’ by our first and oldest inhabitants. No matter if you are a cannabis micro cultivator with sun grown harvest on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, or a licensed producer with an indoor greenhouse in Ontario’s cottage country, there are 2 crucial elements to getting the maximum profit out of your product.

Trichomes, aroma, and humidity – the trifecta

“If it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t sell” is the name of the game. Along with the appearance of the bud (good nug size, dense trichomes, colour indicative of the strain), the fragrance of the product is the most important aspect that a consumer weighs when making a purchasing decision. Appearance and fragrance can be directly traced back to humidity – not just at the curing stage, but packing, storage and transit to and storage at dispensary. Sometimes it can be several months at the LP or the shelf before the product can be sold. ASTM International (a leading industry standards organization) outlines the ideal range for cannabis relative humidity to be 55%-65% RH post curing and packaging.
Aroma, taste, and look are the 3 distinct features of any strain. Both the broad Sativa and Indica classification and the sub variants such as Cheese, Diesel, Cake, Cookies, Skunk, and Haze – all have their distinctive and signature notes and looks, appealing to a specific group of consumers. Traditionally, cultivators and growers have targeted the lower end of this range for 2 reasons – flower that’s moist is prone to mould and microbial growth, and the belief that flower can be ‘rehydrated’ later prior to consumption. While the prior is true, the latter is but a misconception. The miniature offshoots on the flower called trichomes, house the majority of cannabinoids and terpenes. These tender and fragile constituents can become brittle and fall off in a dry environment, which cannot be reattached even with supposed ‘rehydration’.

Weight preservation - Boveda’s patented two-way offering

Once cannabis leaves the curing room, storage not only has a major effect on the previously mentioned subjective attributes, but the all-important bottom line. Weight of flower directly correlates with revenue. Heavier the yield, greater the market value. A mere 5% dip below the ASTM indicated ideal target range lead to a 0.6% weight loss. At a wholesale price of CAD $7 per gram, this works out to a potential drop of CAD $42,000 per 1000kg harvest. Adding humidipaks to your post-harvest and curing regimen, can directly increase your bottom line. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text
Humidity controls come in a variety of offerings such as silica gel packs and industrial scale dehumidifier machines, however all of them only work in one direction – dehumidification. Boveda is the first and only true two-way humidity control solution that does both – removes and adds humidity. Using a patented saltwater solution packaged in an osmosis barrier, Boveda ensures that your flower maintains a predetermined RH % level in the sweet spot of 58-62%. Third party tests commissioned by Boveda showed that terpenes and cannabinoid levels were 15% higher with the product, than without.

Boveda’s products come in 2 RH variants – 58% and 62%. Each variant is also available in 5 sizes – 1gr, 4gr, 8gr, 67gr, and 320gr. Boveda truly offers a unique solution to an important problem, and the return on investment is truly several multiples, both quantitatively in dollar value and qualitatively in customer satisfaction.

Rolling paper and pre rolled cones – first touchpoint


Smoking has long been synonymous with cannabis culture around the world, since time immemorial. Grinding up bud and rolling a joint, and then lighting up has become a ritual either medicating alone or recreational consumption with friends. As more stores and companies proliferate across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, pre rolled cones are becoming a fast seller especially with novice consumers. One doesn’t have to deal with sticky bud or learning to pack and roll a perfect smokable. Instead a variety of pre rolled joints in readymade paper cones are easily available off the shelf. Most customers’ first-time experience with cannabis is via a pre rolled cone or rolling paper.

Traditionally, pre rolls are usually half gram (0.50 gr) but now there are also variants in king size (1.0 gr), mini (0.25 gr) and more. A usual pack contains 7 joints each of 0.50 gr (for a total of an eighth ounce). One can choose 3 sativa, 3 indica, and 1 high CBD-low THC/hybrid to appreciate the full range of the brand offerings. Moreover, many options are available in the paper and the crutch itself. The paper can be either bleached or unbleached, and comes in various compositions such as rice, hemp, etc. Terpene infused and flavoured papers are also a huge draw especially for those seeking a specific effect or taste improvements to traditional smoke. Cordia leaf, tendu leaf, and many more natural alternatives along with different crutch (wood, bamboo) or filter options (cooling) offer more branding and marketing opportunities.
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Brand awareness and productivity improvements – Futurola’s USP

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In a highly regulated selling environment mandated by Health Canada, where no advertising or branding is allowed, the only way for licensed producers and growers to differentiate their product from their competition is packaging. Futurola is one of the leading pre rolled cones brands, established in 1996 in Amsterdam and traces its origins to the “coffeeshop” culture of the city and European cannabis scene. Their products come in several varieties such as the 1 ¼ (84/26), slim (98/26), king (109/21 and 109/26), reefer (98/26 and 98/30) party (140/26) and fatboy (120/30). All sizes come in two options – Standard white and Dutch brown. Hand crafted under the highest quality standards, Futurola’s papers burn slowly and evenly. One can enjoy the true taste and flavour of any cannabis strain thanks to the thinnest additive-free paper in the world.

On the production side, Futurola’s patented grinding and filling systems enable you to maximize productivity with minimal manpower and manual intervention. The shredders come in 5 variants – Mini (0.7 lbs in 7 secs), OG (3 lbs in 2 secs), Mega (5 lbs in 7 secs), Super OG (3 lbs in 7 secs), and Super Mega (5 lbs in 7 secs). All variants come with a screen barrel, for the perfect mix consistency to fill pre rolled cones. Additional screen barrels for processing finer or coarser material are also available. The Knockboxes are available in 3 variants – 3/50 (50 cones in 2 mins), 3/300 (300 cones in 2 mins), 3/100 (100 cones in 2 mins). All variants are compatible with the 4 standard sizes by default (1 ¼ size 84/26, slim size 98/26, king size 109/21, and king size 109/26). For all other sizes, filling kits are available as additional add on options. The Unload Station Plus and Cone Loader offer increased production volume, by reducing wait time between filling cycles.

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