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November is traditionally marked by two major events in North America. On Remembrance Day, November 11 Canadians honour and remember the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country in times of war and peace. Two weeks later on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans observe Thanksgiving to give thanks for what they have. Families and friends gather to celebrate around a traditional meal of stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie. The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is a holiday in more than 20 states.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event in the year both by volume of goods sold, and dollar value. Research shows that 90% of American consumers plan to spend an average of $700, with a total of approximately $100 billion dollars being spent. While online shopping has been a strong challenger for brick and mortar stores since the last decade, this year’s defining COVID-19 pandemic is bound to push that number even higher. Online shopping is expected to rake in 75% of the total money spent in 2020, compared to 66% in 2019. The event continues into the next week called Cyber Monday. With more competition and the demand for latest products and services, companies are extending their special pricing and offers well into December with Hanukkah and Christmas, some even just after the New Year’s Day.

The cannabis industry is bound to see record volume of sales as well. On the day of the US Presidential Elections 2020, five states - New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, Mississippi, and South Dakota all voted to legalize cannabis. With this latest update, 100 million Americans can now access recreational cannabis in their home states - although it still remains a Schedule I substance at the federal level, with no evidence for beneficial use even medically. Both plant touching (flower, extracts, edibles, topicals) and ancillary (packaging, accessories, paraphernalia) businesses, are expected to see huge sales both online and in storefronts.

Here are some tips to make more sales, add new clients, and achieve higher cart value from existing clients this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  1. Implement a countdown timer - by instilling a sense of urgency, sites have been shown to increase the time to close a sale.

  2. Free credit or discount coupon codes - offer special pricing to both new and existing clients to entice them into making more purchases.

  3. Change website design - simple hacks like putting white text on a black background, changing font size and image layout can be a great way of garnering traffic that is ready to buy.

  4. Personalized email marketing campaigns - make a list of clients based on their purchasing preferences and send them specific messaging about their niche.

  5. Abandoned cart and order confirmation emails - promote higher ticket value by offering a special free gift or product bundling.

FTL Distribution is one of Canada’s premier vape shop, head shop, smoke shop, and dispensary supplier and wholesaler. Our distribution agreements with some of the most popular brands in the cannabis industry enable our clients to procure their portfolio from a one-stop-shop.

BIOROLL is a Canadian brand based out of Toronto that carries natural rolling cones made from ebony leaf. Available in a variety of King/Queen, Filtered/Unfiltered, and Plain/Terpene Infused, Bioroll’s products are unique and brand new - making a great choice for retailers and consumers alike.

BOVEDA is the market leader in 2 way humidity control. The patented and easy to use product creates a monolayer of purified water that protects your terpenes from evaporation and degradation, and provides a premium smoke experience. Increase your revenue from yield by preventing lossage due to drying or mould. Available in 1, 4, 8, 67, and 320 gram variants in both 58% and 62% relative humidity (RH) levels.

KRUSH is a leading brand of grinders from Toronto, with its innovative tooth design allowing cannabis to “fluff” up for an easier rolling and smoother smoking experience. The ergonomic square form factor is gentle  on the hands and makes it easy to turn, no matter how dense the cannabis. Available in the premium Kube 2.0 and budget ECO Kube variants, along with a wooden Madera and marble Carrara tray+grinder sets.

WOLF is another grinder brand from Edmonton, appealing to connoisseurs and newbies, as a perfect travel companion on the go. All Wolf products are CNC machined out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminium, bead blasted and anodized for a vibrant finish, and come with a lifetime warranty. Equipped with strong neodymium rare-earth magnets and smooth threading to ensure it never comes open when you’re on the move.

WU TANG line of rolling papers in King Size (with and without tips), rolling trays, and smokers’ sets are perfect additions to your storefront. Make a statement, live the life! 100% pure organic, 100% pure hemp, 100% Wu Tang approved!

VECTOR is a brand of premium quality lighters and torches. Manufactured in the USA with corporate HQ in Los Angeles for over 30 years, the brand has an established reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Differentiate your store from competing businesses who carry only mediocre quality plastic products with Vector’s innovative and exciting incendiary technologies.

YOCAN has quickly established itself as one of the top brands of vaporizers in the world with its innovative features and affordable pricing. Available for dry herb or concentrates, in a variety of designs (mod box, palm, pod) Yocan’s products offer universal compatibility for FTLD’s Ascera and all generic 510 tanks. With first in market innovations like height adjustment, diameter adjustment, preheat, massive battery charge capacity.

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