Spring 2020 Promotion

We are excited to present our new line of products for Spring, and just in time for 420! Browse our full selection of products, contact us to set up an account and receive a quote, or scroll down to see this seasons staff picks and new product lines!

Staff Pick 2020

Focus V Carta - Emerald

We have nothing but praise for this great new product line. It's often touted as both better and less expensive than the competition, and we found this held true. Priced attractively for retail stores, this sleek and modern unit comes through on all of its promises.

 The preheating takes under 10 seconds, it works perfectly with concentrates and dry herb. The unit lasts a long time, charges quickly, and above all, it delivers great taste! Needless to say, this product has our staff... in the clouds ;)

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New Product Line


100% Natural & Organic - Not grown with toxic fertilizers, not treated with pesticides, and no added Preservatives and Chemicals

Nicotine & Tobacco Free - This is suited for consumers looking for Tobacco free alternative

Slow Burning - Leaf Wraps are naturally slow burning providing you with enjoyable pulls at an even burn

Handrolled & Tied - No need to worry about toxic glues/adhesives and the bacteria in the saliva of that shared roll. These fresh leaf wraps create a natural seam when rolled and dried in the sun.

Special promotion! 4 for the price of 3!

        Special Promotions

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        KRUSH Grinders

        Purchase Tier Bump

        Buy any amount of Krush Grinders, and pay the pricing of the next tier!
        • Buy any amount of Krush Grinders, and pay at the price point of the next price tier!
        • BEST VALUE:  Buy 10 or more to pay at the price point of 50!
        • Offer Expires April 20'th.

        WuTang Rollies

        Free Tray

        With every purchase of any 2 boxes of  Wutang Rollies
        • Buy any 2 boxes of Wutang Rollies™, with or without tips, and receive a Wutang Rolling Tray™ free of charge.
        • Canada-wide Exclusive Offering
        • Offer Expires April 20'th

        Bio Roll

        4   for the price of   3

        Try out all 4 BioRoll variants for the price of 3. This is a special, one time promotional offer to introduce BioRoll to the Western Canadian Market.

        • BIOROLL Kusheria Queen Filtered™ & Unfiltered & BIOROLL CLASSIC Filtered™ & Unfiltered
        • Western-Canadian Exclusive Offering
        • We average the cost of 3 boxes, and give you all 4 variants for the average price of any 3.
        • Offer Expires April 20'th