Wholesale 510 Batteries

Finding good batteries can be tricky, and importing can be even more difficult. Let us help you find the perfect solution to meet your business and branding goals.

Products you can trust.

ASCERA Voltair

4 Variable Voltage Pen-Style 510 Battery

ASCERA Tanks are designed to deliver the optimal terpene experience. Pair your cartridge with a battery that is pre-configured to guarantee that experience. This sleek pen style battery offers the following benefits:

1)  Preconfigured for ASCERA Tanks
2)  1.8v, 2.2v, 2.6v, 3.0v variable voltage with a 1.5v preheat 
3) 350mAh 
4) Screw-top USB Charger.
5) Color Coded LED backlight to indicate current charge and voltage settings
6) Black or White


 Fully Adjustable Box-Mod 510 Battery

YOCAN batteries are a trusted product among enthusiasts and cannaseurs, and the UNI Pro is no exception. Their patented design comes with the following benefits: 
1) Adjustable floor for various cartridges size 
2) Adjustable diameter hole to lock your cartridge in to place 
3) 2.0v - 4.2v adjustable range in 0.1v increments 
4) 650mAh 
5) Ohm Reader - you can determine the resistance of the cartridge you are using and plan around what voltage to use. 
6) OLED display screen for an easy-to-read summary of your device 
7) Puff duration and count

YOCAN Groote

3 Variable Voltage Palm-Style 510 Battery

YOCAN batteries are a trusted product among enthusiasts and cannaseurs. The Groote is a stylish and sleek 510 plam-style battery with the following features: 

1) 11.5mm wide-hole design that accepts most 510 cartridges on the market 
2) 2.0v, 3.0v, 3.5 variable voltage with a 1.8v preheat 
3) 350mAh 
4) Color indicators for voltage setting and battery life 
5) Convenient USB charger with pass-through charging 
6) Available in 5 attractive color options