AVD Eazy-Press

Arbor-press free, ceramic core, and leak-free. FTLD is a value-added AVD Distribution partner for the Canadian Market.

AVD Eazy-Press Glass

Arbor-press Free 
AVD is a manufacturer that was once a Producer. 

AVD's manufacturing prowess rivals the biggest names in the business!  AVD requires heavy metal testing, in advance, on ALL of their supply inputs to ensure the quality of the final product, at scale.  

The AVD ceramic coil is among the most advanced that you can find!

The Easy-Press tank features a 'finger-press' locking mouthpiece that adheres to child resistant legislation and is currently being sold in the Canadian market. 

AVD ships pre-racked for the Thomson Duke ACF1 Filling Machine

AVD Easy Press Oil 2.0 Cartridge

Fully Customize For Your Brand

AVD offers a multitude of branding, etching, mouthpiece and material options.

AVD Customization Guide
AVD Mouthpiece Options

Stand out from the competition. 

Talk to a FTLD Agent to discuss what options are best for you.

What's In Your Tank?

AVD Tank Component Breakdown

  1. Easy-Press Mouthpiece
  2. Borosilicate Durable Glass Oil Tank
  3. Lead-free Center Post
  4. Organic Cotton Wick
  5. Ceramic Coil 
  6. 510 Universal Thread