Variable porosity to match your specific oil's viscosity. This line is ideal for any company wanting to elevate their brand with the clean, trusted aesthetic of ceramic.

The ASCERA V-Series
Full Ceramic Tank

With an innovative porous ceramic matrix, a sleek and elegant ceramic post, and an oblong oval hole, this tank delivers a clean, full flavor hit right down to the last drop. 

No cotton, no burning! These tanks use a innovative porous ceramic that allows the oil to permeate in to a heated matrix, where it vaporizes without burning.

We don't believe one coil can work for every oil. That's why we offer 2 versions of our V series to match your oils viscosity! Contact us for more info, and talk to us about which product will best suite your oil!

FERA V Series Black and White 0.5mL & 1mL

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Talk to us about what tank best suites your oil. We would love to chat with you!

Two Porosities To Match Your Oil's Viscosity

Our coil is designed to match your oil! 


Ideal for Higher Viscosity Oils 


Ideal for Lower Viscosity Oils 

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FERA V Ceramic Coil Render

Ceramic Center Post    - No cotton, no burning. Oil surrounds and permeates directly into the ceramic heating coil. Every drop can fully atomize into a smooth and tasty vapor. 

Oblong Oval Hole   - This hole located at the bottom of the tank allows all of the oil to be fully enjoyed. Also, these tanks do not leak!   (<1%) 

No Metal Exposure   - The only surfaces your oil makes contact with are inert ceramic and glass. By choosing this cartridge, the flavour of your terps can be truly enjoyed! 

(No ‘tinny’ taste, and no leeching!)

FERA V Black Porous Ceramic Coil

Embedded Coil   - The coil is embedded in a unique porous ceramic matrix that allows the product to be exposed to a gradually heating surface. This prevents burning.

Unique Porous Ceramic   - The unique ceramic is a proprietary IP that, through various levels of porosity, works with various levels of viscous oils to produce the optimal flow and vaporization rate.

No Cotton   - One of the few tanks on the market to not rely on cotton! No burning, no "dry hits" with burnt fabrics or materials. The product truly never touches anything but ceramic and glass!

(No ‘tinny’ taste, and no leeching!)

Stand out from the competition. 

Talk to us about white label and colour options.


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Customize For Your Brand

We offer customization of the following features to get your tank perfect for your brand and product:

  • 5 premade colours of silicone gaskets, or specify your own!

  • Up to 2 colour logo printing on lid

  • Glass Body Printing

  • 0.5mL or 1.0mL