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Follow The Leader Distribution Company (FTLD) is a leading-edge distribution company, specializing in a variety of eco-friendly packaging and paraphernalia in the Canadian cannabis and vape technology industry, focusing on the Licensed Producer and dispensary markets. 

With a growing legal market of licensed producers and dispensaries within Canada (180-500 new producers alone this year!), and new legislation demanding increased packaging, proper labelling and branding, heavy metal testing, and with streamlined distribution, our company is positioned to service the legal market with a variety of unique to Canada eco-friendly packaging and vape related items to promote healthy use of cannabis, CBD and hemp based products.

Our distribution company will continue to focus on products that are the healthiest options for consumers, such as ceramic and quartz technology, vs metal based options that are currently available. We strive to include as many hemp based and renewable materials as possible to reduce our global footprint, and promote the use of superior products within the growing Canadian market. 

Many of our suppliers provide us with the “gift” of Canadian master distribution, as we build our product catalogue, grow our abundant client list and continue to show dedication to building both the FTLD brand, as well as marketing our suppliers through world-wide digital marketing channels, our in-house sales team, trade shows, conferences and networking events.

During our first year, we will be focusing on the Canadian market, but have standing agreements with US and European distribution companies for further expansion into their market, when the time is right, and of course with the proper contracts and agreements. 

If you are a supplier:

We are eager to take a look at your product samples to see where they may fit within our line of vape technology and packaging, and would be happy to speak with you about pricing and distribution opportunities.

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